I’d Like You To Know

I would like you to know
that I almost hate you
almost-as in
“You’ve got approximately 42 seconds to respond
to my text”
As in, you’ve got 1/2 a strike left
As in, I wish you weren’t such a fucking mess

I would like you to know
that the door is over yonder
Over yonder- as in
I’m over and under wandering and wondering
of you
As in, I will hold the door open for you
As in, you walk through anytime you please to

I would like you to know
that I would like you
but  I almost hate you…

Save My Soul

“Feed my heart
Save my soul
Turn my falling tears
to gold.”

Feed my heart
entice my passions
eliminate my fears
fill me up, baby

Save my soul
from the depths of non-forgiving
from the heights of constant precipitation
sell my insecurities to the fire below

Turn my falling tears
into puffy clouds to adorn the sun
into the almighty essence of happiness-
to gold.

Save. My. Soul

Deja Vu

O’ History O’History
You’re such a mystery
Who’s timeline continues
to circulate
and reiterate itself

History, I told you
“I am done with this!”
“Yeah, I know I know but…”
History smiles a wide
toothy grin

And there you are
back on my screen
calling me
O’ History O’History
You’re such a grave mystery

Just A Few

I need a few minutes
to breathe
I need a few seconds
to realize my possibilities
I need a few moments
to live, singularly

I need to cop
with the loss
I need to find a path
to resume activities without you
I need to live
with me, myself and I

I need a few minutes
for it to sink in
that you’re really gone.

How do you do?

How do you break up with someone?
How does one properly severe a tie?
How do you carelessly hatch away
without the other people falling down?

Do you guilt strangle them…
“Do you remember who you were to me?”
Do you cry….
“I just can’t do this anymore.”
Do you lie….
“We can just be friends.

How do you leave when you want but can’t stay?
How does one turn their back on something they enjoyed?
How do you end a bond?

How do you do?


099The more I see
The more I know
that I don’t know anything
at all…

No matter where we drift apart
There’ll be a shelf of you in my heart
Of all of the good things
The good things

Not how you pushed me and broke my glass mug
But how you glued it together to mend my heart
Not how you accused me of cheating
But how you held me tight in warm big arms and told me you loved me

It’s all of the good things
The good things
That make you a real person to me
And not a used mannequin in the ex-boyfriend gallery

An eternal sunshine
For a relationship that has set